Characteristic Feature Of Dental Exam

If this is being done for the very first time and the patient is an adult, the exam could take a while. But in favor of the first-time patient, dental exams los angeles sessions should not take longer than 30 or 45 minutes to complete. Any additional time taken is usually due to the dental practitioner giving his first-time patient a thorough overview of what work needs to be done in order to restore the patient’s dental structures to a healthy condition.

And particularly for the first-time patient, it is not unusual for the ‘first-time appointment’ to be spread over, say, three visits. This is just a general idea, so no need to take this article’s word literally. A few general questions may be asked when the patient dials in to make an appointment. This is standard practice, so nothing unusual in this. Once the appointment is fixed and the patient arrives on time, he or she is more than likely going to be asked to fill out one or two forms.

All pertinent details on the patient’s medical history as well as his or her general health need to be recorded first and foremost. For instance, the dentist will need to know if his patient has any allergies so that he knows ahead of time what chemical prescriptions to use, if any should be required. Once contact is made with the dentist, the patient could expect a few more questions before and after the dental exam.

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Such as how often do you brush and floss your teeth during the week. The dentist does need to create a general impression as to why your teeth, cavities or gums may have decayed. This does not necessarily mean that you took no care. There is such a thing as natural attrition.