5 Important Facts About Acne

Not everyone who develops acne needs to visit a dermatologist, but many will. If you are affected by severe or cystic acne, don’t waste time using over the counter products unlikely to provide a solution. Go ahead and book an appointment with the best dermatologist in denver co to get medications that help ease the acne breakouts. Want more information about acne? Take a look at the five facts below.

1- Acne is caused by an overproduction of sebum in the skin’s oil glands. It causes whiteheads, pimples, and other blemishes to form on the face and on other oily areas of the body. It is a common condition found in teens but also affects adults of all ages.

2- Don’t pick at your acne. It’s hard to sometimes leave a pimple on your face when it sticks out like a sore thumb, but picking at it r popping the pimple only cause more irritation and problems with your skin. Leave your skin alone.

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3- If you want to prevent or minimize acne, wash your face using a mild face wash or acne wash.  Once in the morning and again before bed should suffice. Make sure to wash bedding and pillowcases as well. A weekly ash schedule is the best way to keep risks down.

4- Acne is not contagious, so you cannot catch it from being around a person with the condition. Nonetheless, many people who experience acne find it to be embarrassing and oftentimes have a deflated confidence.

5- There is no cure for acne, but many treatment options are available. These treatments can help you regain your clear face in a matter of weeks. Choose the products used carefully and use them for the full course to get results.